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We Specialize in sales and service of Communications, Entertainment, Alarm and Networking systems.

Directv logo Riley Antenna Systems is an authorized dealer and installer for DirecTV™ in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky markets. Our professional and efficient staff will be happy to help you create the perfect package to fit your every need. DirecTV™ is the nation's leader in HD programming, sports packages and satellite television for the home. Nobody else comes close when it comes to our free standard installations or the cutting-edge technology you'll find on our advanced receivers. With interactive features such as our scoreguide 2.0 or On-Demand and TV Apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and The Weather Channel, you'll never have to look far for entertainment with DirecTV™.

Dish Network logo Riley Antenna Systems is an authorized dealer and installer for Dish Network™ in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky markets. The dish can be installed in a number of different ways. This is determined by you and the technician on the day of installation. It can be installed on an exterior wall, a roof, on a pole, on a tri-pod, or other similar mounting device. The antenna must have line-of-sight to the satellite that is assigned to your area. Typically this is either South East or South West. The prices you see advertised are typically for a one or two room system using one of our dual tuner receivers. Your monthly bill is based on what you order. If you order six rooms worth of equipment and programming, your bill will be higher than if you only order basic service in one or two rooms.

Networking Riley Antenna Systems can install and repair computer systems. Wire your space for networking. Install wireless networking including cable and DSL modems and wireless routers. From a single apartment to the Statue of Liberty, we can provide the networking service you need.

Tower Riley Antenna Systems has installed towers of all sizes. When CT Communications wanted to provide wireless networking service to the rural areas around Urbana, OH. they called us. We have installed towers for schools, businesses and Casinos in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky as well as assisting with towers in Jamaca. If you need a tower, from 30 feet to 200 we have the experience to build it for you.